Alcoholism Affecting Women

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Alcoholism Affecting Women
Jennifer Jimenez
California State University, Northridge

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are about 2.5 percent of woman who actually meet the requirements of alcohol dependence, and is becoming more common among women as to men (CDC, 2016). Alcoholism refers to an individual is dependent and constantly drinking alcohol that intervenes with their daily life. Alcoholism dependence is a dangerous illness among women because it affects them in many aspects of their lives like, health, social life, working and jobs. There are a small percentage of individuals who receive treatment for their use of alcohol. The stories of two women from the AA meeting attended
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For someone who associates or lives with an individual that abuses alcohol will suffer from either internal or external consequences. For example, in small children many suffer from any of the following conditions of “low self-esteem, guilt and despair, feeling lonely, fear of abandonment, anxiety and stress” (Effects of Alcoholism on Families, 2016). This is why many children, as they grow older either become codependent of the alcoholic or want to get away from all of that. As the speaker from the meeting mentioned, that her son decided to move out of the house because he wanted to get away from all the troubles his mom had with the drinking. Many times the individual begins to isolate himself or herself from everyone else because all they want to be doing is drinking; and others are not accepting of the addiction they have. Now, when the alcoholic person has a spouse the situation may turn for the worse, if the person has a temper when drinking. As it is mention in the article, The Social Effects of Alcoholism, that 50 percent of the time marriages where one spouse drinks a lot end in divorce (2016). In addition, there is always some type of abuse or violence among each other, and emotions play a huge role in …show more content…
For women, not only do they have a full-time job outside the home, they still have a second job at home of taking care of children and spouses. In addition, many of the times being dependent on alcohol makes an individual not take responsibility for what needs to be done. For example, they may stop showing up to work, not do the house chores, and not be capable to care for the children or themselves. Many times the alcoholic has a person who is codependent and that mean that they lie or cover for this person and their action (Effects of Alcoholism on Families 2016). As the first speaker said, that she was too dependent on alcohol that she was not able to work because she would go four to five days straight without sleep There can be many different situations in whether the alcoholic has a typical job or does not work at all, because they are incapable of doing daily tasks. For example, a woman who is under the influence while at work has a higher chance of making poor decisions, lose their role as a wife and mother, and even lose their employment (Women and Alcoholism, 2010). As the speaker briefly mentioned, that her son has decided to move out of the house because he did not want to live through the addiction his mother has. This is where the role of motherhood is lost because of the dependence of alcohol; and the damage is done

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