Drinking And Driving Accident

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The topic of interest chosen to be drinking and driving. After being involved in a drinking and driving accident, it can cause many changes in an individual’s life, especially their outlook on drinking and driving Although the individual drinking and driving are not likely injured, it can cause grief amongst families. The stress of a child being arrested, drinking and driving, and causing significant damage on a busy intersection can be overwhelming. Drinking and driving must be taken seriously. Teens and some adults today continue driving while under the influence. Thankfully, this incident did not cause death amongst our family. Most drinking moreover, driving incidents have caused significant damage as well as killed many incidents …show more content…
Many parents become concerned when their child becomes making drinking a habit because they know it will eventually become an addiction. After reading articles and stories on drinking and driving, many people express drinking and driving started with just one drink. Consequently, teens and adults drink for pleasure while other drink for a quick fix or release. During alcohol anonymous meeting, participants discuss how difficult it has been to gain trust back from family members. Participants speak on how they allowed alcohol to cause them to lose their families, cause destruction in their family, and miss out on time with their families. Nevertheless, they discuss how they could not see the effect it caused their families until after they became sober. Authors M. B. Johnson and C.E. Kopetz conducted a study to explore the role of accessibility for those at risk of drinking and driving. The study consisted of fifty-eight participants, eighteen years and older. The demographics showed 36% of the participants were Caucasians, 25% African Americans and 22% Asians. Futhermore, the results concluded that participants believed driving while intoxicated was more convenient than other means of transportation. Most of the participants believed the wait time on other means of transportation would delay their time in getting home or traveling other places. The participants noted during the study; they had first-hand taken part of driving while intoxicated. “On …show more content…
Furthermore, there are consequences for drinking and driving.
Individuals feel they have the capability to drink and drive and not have any consequences.
Some individuals are bold enough to do it, and W.C. Gross conducted a study called, “parental divorce and consequences of drinking among college students.” The study was conducted to examine whether or not the amount of alcohol consumed by students of divorce families differed than those of non-divorced students. The study consisted of one thousand four hundred and ninety-five undergraduate students. There were a total of five hundred and ninety men and nine hundred and five women. Each student was given a Student Alcohol
Questionnaire, developed by Engs in 1977. The questionnaire focused on the type of alcohol consumed, the amount, and how frequently the students drink. The results proved that

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