Effects Of Advertising On The Cosmetic Industry Essay

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Prophets for Profits Advertisements are public announcements or notices that promote a product to certain audiences. They feature elements that will try to attract attention from a particular group of audience and persuade them to purchase the product. One of the constant sources of advertising is the cosmetic industry. COVERGIRL is one of the biggest cosmetic companies in today’s industry. They are known for using famous personalities to promote their products—such as Ellen Degeneres, Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore, and many more. In this particular advertisement, the company is promoting a make-up foundation, which features Taylor Swift in a very natural/ light make up, with a phrase stating, “a breath of fresh air! flawless coverage with a light-as-air feel” in bolded letters. To many people, this advertisement may just be a simple image with a simple, catchy phrase; however, more often than not, companies use many strategies to make their advertisements more appealing to their targeted audiences. Advertisers use many different techniques to present different products to various targeted audiences. However, the most common strategies used are Aristotle’s three marketing approaches, which are called the ethos, pathos, and logos. Pathos refers to persuasion through the audience’s emotions. By using this technique, the advertiser will make the audience feel that they are on the same side—advertisers offer exactly what the audience want, which will generally result in having…

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