Effects And Coping With Ptsd Essay

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Effects and Coping with PTSD
War can be a very violent and tragic thing. It can have a lot of long term effects on a lot of things, one of them being the mental health of war veterans from the Vietnam-Era. These veterans and prisoners of war have had ongoing issues throughout their post-war lives, and have learned ways of coping with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Even for the veterans that do seek treatment for their PTSD, they still have a very difficult time adjusting to life back home. Some are constantly dealing with flashbacks of gruesome and violent events from the war. Others seclude themselves from the population and sometimes even from their families to keep the ones they love most safe.
The majority of war veterans with PTSD are unemployed. They also have limited and dysfunctional interpersonal relationships. Those with PTSD (compared to those without) have a greater hostility and interpersonal violence (Mazzeo). This means they are more likely to show aggression and anger than someone without PTSD.
A large factor in the severity of PTSD is the age at which one was initially exposed to combat. The younger the age of initial combat exposure is associated with the severity of PTSD, along with a history of child abuse. Current studies finding that PTSD severity was associated positively with physical health problems is consistent with the previous work on the health status of veterans with chronic PTSD (Mazzeo).
Coping with PTSD is a very important thing to…

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