Effectiveness Of Transitional Care Interventions Essay

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Feltner et al. (2014) reviewed the effectiveness of transitional care interventions in preventing readmissions in moderate to severe heart failure patients. In this systematic review and meta-analysis, forty-seven clinic trials were reviewed. The trials reviewed took place between January 1990 and October 2013. Data extracted from the studies were placed into interventional categories based on the environment of delivery. Transitional care interventions reviewed in this study were; home-visiting programs, structured telephone support, telemonitoring, outpatient clinics, and patient educational materials (p. 775). The systematic review found that home-care programs, multidisciplinary heart failure clinics, and structured telephone support reduced all-cause readmissions and mortality (p. 774). Findings from the research support the need for transitional care interventions in heart failure patients. Stevenson, Pori, Payne, Black and Taylor (2015) investigated the perception of veterans regarding their explanation for barriers to following the heart failure regimen. This study is significant because it is one of the few studies that analyzed patient perspectives rather than the health care professionals’ viewpoint. In this qualitative study twenty five veterans that participated in outpatient heart failure education programs were interviewed. An important finding of this study was that veterans did not identify any barriers to their heart failure regimens after participating…

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