Effective Vitamins In Women

Effective Vitamins For Women’s Health
Vitamins are the most essential substances for the body especially for women. Most of the vitamins are found on food that we take and all can easily be obtained through proper choice of diet. However, some vitamins like Vitamin D are obtained from the skin when it is exposed to the sun. Vitamins are used in the body to maintain the functioning of the cell and its development. Surprisingly the vitamins needed by pregnant women are not the same as those of women at menopause. Food for pregnant women must always contain vitamin B12 and B6. All this is because the nutrients in the body perform the activities performed by the body. Therefore vitamins contribute to the normal body functioning. Below
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it also assist in removing spots from the skin by making collagen that improves skin structure and health. The amount needed by women everyday is at least 75mg. it is also referred to as ascorbic acid and can be found strawberries tomatoes mangoes and cabbages.
8. Biotin
This substance in the body is used in production of blood glucose and fatty acids. Its deficiency in a woman’s body leads to brittle nails depression and hair loss. It also supports energy metabolism
9. Folate
This vitamin also known as vitamin B9 can be found on peanut butter, lentils and beets. It enhances the body nervous system therefore regulating emotions. It also prevents neural tube problems during pregnancy in the fetus. Deficiency of this vitamin in a woman’s body can lead to health problems such as anemia and cancer.
10. Vitamin D
This is another most essential vitamin in the Women’s body. They help in absorption of calcium for strong healthy bones, immunity development and enhance the nervous system. Its abundance can help prevent diabetes type 1 and 2 and cancer. It can be obtained by staying in the sun for few minutes.
11. Vitamin
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Teenage girls need less Vitamin B6 and k compared to breastfeeding and pregnant women. In the long run they all need the vitamins explained above which includes almost all the available vitamins. The only way to obtain this is by ensuring a well balanced diet and some special kinds like vitamin D through exposing yourself to the sun. Above all these there are also other substances that are also other substances such as magnesium, iron and calcium that are essential and other unexplained vitamins such as choline and pantothenic acid that are essential to a woman’s health that can also be obtained from food

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