Effective Teaching And Learning Is Important For Nation Stability Through Skill Development And Economic Growth

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Effective teaching and learning are important to nation stability through skill development and economic growth. Therefore, the process requires the integration of efforts by teachers, the community and businesses, and parents to be invested towards student improvement. A teacher leader plays a core role in facilitating a smooth and lasting partnership by identifying education areas that require improvement and sell the ideas to the parents, community and businesses and get them to invest towards the common goal of student career readiness (Teacher Leadership Website, 1998).
Current or possible business/community partnership
Serving as an assistant teacher at Shelby County High School Special needs department has led to the appreciation of the challenges that both teachers and students face. The Teacher Leadership Website (1998) proposes that sharing of ideas with colleagues helps improve skills needed for students to reach high standards. As teachers, we have come together and developed a strategy to maximize on the talents of the students and improve their CTE development. Use of assistive technologies have been proven effective in helping special needs students best express themselves, and it also reduces the workload (McCulloch, 2004). A possible business/community partnership is the collaboration of the school, parents and the business to acquire the learning assistive technologies, including tablets and laptops with installed learning software such as Dragon Naturally…

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