Essay about Effective Services When A Threat May Exist

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Providing Services When a Threat May Exist Human service professionals are often called upon to work with children in family and school settings. They may be presented with cases where children have been allegedly abused or neglected. In these cases, human service professionals must be prepared to face ethical issues and utilize interventions and prevention methods.
The Scenario In the scenario, a school counselor works at an elementary school in a rural community. Fifth grade twins, Jonah and Joann have been referred to the counselor after repeatedly coming to school unkempt and wearing clothing inappropriate for weather conditions. In addition, obvious bruising was on their arms and they disclosed that they are occasionally struck or grabbed if they misbehave. The counselor must file a report; however, the children’s father has a reputation for being angry and threatening. As a result, the counselor has concerns about her safety as well as concerns about the welfare of the children once the report has been filed.
The Role of School Counselors School counselors, as well as other school personnel, are mandated reporters. As a mandated reporter, they must report all suspected cases of child abuse and neglect and are required by law to do so. Failure to report suspected child abuse could result in criminal liability. They must be able to recognize the signs of child maltreatment and be knowledgeable of the state laws as well as the school policies…

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