Effective Principal 's Key Functions And Leadership Essay example

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After establishing effective principal’s key functions and leadership, principals must work with teachers to increase their effectiveness. Principals have to be supportive to veteran teachers and especially new teachers starting their first year. To increase children’s academic success, principals have to understand the issues and concerns of the new teachers, meet their needs and help them be successful educators. Based on data and research done by The Clearing House Association, it was said that there were five major areas of concern such as “relationships with students, staff and families, workload, time management, knowledge of curriculum, evaluation and grading and issues of autonomy and control” (Roberson & Roberson, 2009). These concerns are all important and should be addressed by assisting and providing feedback from principals and those who obtain the experience and knowledge of the pressures of being responsible of their selves and children and being held accountable of knowing the content by abiding by the NC Professional Teaching Standards. Teachers must understand that principals already have high expectations of them. They expect them to be professional, have content knowledge, the understanding that children learn at different paces and on various developmental levels and that every child can learn and be successful. New teachers are to have great communication skills with families, students and colleagues and must establish positive relationships with their…

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