Essay about Effective Leadership : Motivating Team Members

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Effective leadership is foundational for producing motivation. Just as motivation is crucial for an organization’s success, so is leadership vital in motivating team members. Leadership sets the tone for the organization. Specifically, leadership affect motivation through creating a system for evaluation, satisfying employees needs, and through recognizing high performing employees. Leadership plays an essential role for an organization. Consequently, leadership plays a pivotal role in the motivation of team members. John Maxwell (2008) asserts, “Everything rises and falls on leadership” (p. 74). The basis of Maxwell’s assertion is that leaders determine the success or failure of an organization. The success or failure of an organization is no more evident than a leader’s role in motivation. A leader affects the motivation of team members by creating a system for evaluation. Dr. Bartel (2016) states the purpose of the evaluation system is to “identify the performance gap.” According to Dr. Bartel, the performance gap is the difference between the expectation placed upon the team member and the performance of the team member. By identifying the performance gap, a leader is better suited to utilize motivation principles in order to raise the team member’s performance to meet the set standard and expectations of the organization. Another component of the evaluation system is establishing a system of feedback. Dr. Bartel (2016) argues the purpose of feedback is to…

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