Essay on Effective Job And Policy Formulation Of A Company

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A number of options can be presented to the governor or mayor to formulate the best possible course of action for the company regardless if it supported at the Federal, State or County level, to move in the right direction. I strongly and whole heartedly recommend however for adequate job and policy formulation consisting of a three phase program designed to build the workforce of tomorrow. This is not just a random recommendation however based on the level of success a company receives if they promote from within their sector speaks volumes to the politicians. They (the politicians) are more keen to align themselves with what makes sense and works, so as long as the money is right in the end. Phase one of this concept consists of a “train to work” program designed to build future leaders and workers and mold them to the company’s needs. This will demonstrate the company’s investment to its employees. One of the biggest and disturbing truths about our current quality of workforce personnel is the lack of required skill or education to boost the company in the right direction. It also would cost more for someone to train an employee more while already in the job than it would if he or she were trained prior to arriving on their first day. If employees are not properly trained to due their assigned duties or functions or not properly developed toward reaching higher positions throughout the company, the company will bury itself into debt trying to salvage its losses and lose…

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