Effective Communication On Succession Planning Essay

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Disney: Effective Communication on Succession Planning
Case studies and researchers have implied time and time again that succession planning starts with the top of corporations’ hierarchy chart. The hierarchy chart consists of the board of directors, the chief executive officer (CEO), and human resources (HR) who are responsible for a well-developed and communicated succession plan to address any nature and man-made disasters as they arise to the organization as a whole. As the world continues to change, corporate governances’ responses to succession planning and communications must evolve, too. In regards to the Walt Disney company (Disney), the company is currently experiencing succession issues, which affects the efficiently of communicating to the conglomerate the direction is they heading down.
Disney succession planning barriers
Succession planning nowadays is a big topic in companies. However, businesses are resisting in formulating a plan for the major potentials to assume positions once the former employee leaves the business. In respect to Disney, the corporation three barriers in succession planning as failing to formalize a succession planning process, assuring the business will continue, and talent of the CEO to hold office (Paradise, 2010).
One of the barriers that Disney faces with succession is replacing the current CEO Roger Iger with a successor that has talent qualities to bring innovation to the theme parks, television (TV), and the movie screens (Bond,…

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