Essay on Effect Of Ge On The Dna 's Natural State

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A particularly concerning effect of GE is its contribution of introducing a new gene in a product that has never been present. The process of creating gmo’s alters the DNA’s natural state, which in turn can cause mutations, deletion of a chromosomal segment, and a change in gene expressions. As a result from GE the introduction of new genes inserted could result in raising the levels of an existing allergen or produce a new and unknown allergen. In addition, it could also transfer the DNA of a dead bacteria into the system ("Genetically Modified Food Is Unsafe."; Smith). A common ingredient found in most infant formulas and other processed food is Soy, a part of the legume family: a dried fruit enclosed in a pod, often contains varying nutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates (Lee ; Runyon). Studies found that there was a 27% increase of the presence of an allergen/enzyme protein, trypsin inhibitor, in raw GM soy. In addition to that, there is also a boost of resistance level to heat in cooking, 7 times more likely to provoke an allergic reaction. Correspondingly, that new protein can also interact with IgE, an antibody, to trigger anaphylactic shock (Smith).
Lastly, one of the most concerning effects of GE is the creation of toxins and poisonous substances. In 1989, a modified dietary supplement, L-tryptophan, killed 37 Americans and permanently disabling the other 5,000 with Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome - a rare and fatal disorder that affects multiple organ…

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