Effect Of Feedback On Student Learning Essay

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Feedback is frequently conceptualised as the teacher giving input to students, as it is expressed in the Australian Institute for Teachers and School Leadership [AITSL] standard five by being able to assess, provide feedback and report on student learning. Providing appropriate feedback in vital for educators, as it helps develop better learning outcomes for students to be able to achieve. Students withholding a significant amount information preceding assessment tasks are given a better chance to present their best possible response to a given assessment (Readman & Allen, 2013). Teachers are the prime source of support as students dependent on them to give appropriate feedback about the things they are doing great and how they may enhance in different ranges (Gore, 2000). Feedback provides students with information about qualities, and outcomes accomplished and students ' performance. The reason behind this learning procedure is to enhance students’ performance without inclining any doubt or discouragement. Roy Sadler (2010) states that the task of teachers is not to prepare students through the production of particular complex responses by offering ongoing judgements about quality together with advice on how to improve them, but how it is to teach students how to judge quality and modify their own work during production. Vygotsky 's unique work on the zone of proximal development was intended to scaffold the progressions between current practice and objective to…

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