Effect Of Divorce On Children Essay

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Effect of Divorce on Children
Divorce is for many a process that causes hardships, ruins plans and for some it provides relief but at the least it shakes the ground of what once was thought to be good. The thought being through thick and thin, through sickness and health are parts of the vows taken in marriage. Those vows are taken before many to include friends and family with the venue often being either a courthouse or a church. Marriages for some fall a part and divorce rings like the Tsar bell which the biggest bell (216 tons) in the world. Children here that bell load and clear and have trouble processing it’s meaning and why it is happening. The bell of course for these purposes is taking on the meaning of divorce. That is where this will start, how children deal with the fallout before the process of divorce is wedged within what once may have been a harmonious family lifestyle. Next, the actual process of divorce and the tug of war regarding what and who will reside with one parent as opposed to the other. In addition the fallout of divorce will be explored and the possible long-term effects it may have on the children. Lastly and most importantly God’s position on divorce will be unveiled and tied into the right way to go down the path of divorce if the couple deems they will the process to be necessary to pursue. The point that someone says they want of divorce sends many thoughts through the receiver of the message. The automatic response for many is…

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