Edward Is A Hard Time Essay

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Introduction Edward is a student that seems to be very distracted during his independent work time. He does not do a very good job of completing his work on time. There are a few reasons why Edward is having a hard time. His off – task behavior is effected when it comes to where he is seated in the room, the way the teacher has the room set up for individual lessons and what traffic areas are present to him. Because of these issues, the teacher has decided to rearrange the classroom to help accommodate Edward and his needs; meanwhile, using some helpful ideas from a STAR (Strategies And Resources) Sheet, which reference minimizing distractions, maximizing access, and matching the room arrangement to fit her lessons better.
Minimizing Distractions There are several areas that Edward is distracted by. Minimizing the distractions will help him tremendously. Looking at the distractions that he has; first, Edward is seated toward the front of the classroom by the chalkboard. “Items (windows, doors, aquariums, etc.), equipment (computers, overhead projectors, etc.), and individuals (reading groups, adjacent peers, etc.) can be distracting” (Evertson Ph.D. & Poole, Ph.D., n.d., p. 10). Therefore, to minimize this distraction the teacher needs to rearrange the room and move him away from the board. The teacher needs to move him where he will have equal access to all areas of the room. This way he can still see the board, but the teacher can also keep an eye on…

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