Educational Tour Narrative Report Essay

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Educational Tour gives us ideas likewise opportunities to visit prestigious agencies that may help us visualize what we are learning at school. This activity helps us develop our personality since social graces and etiquette are learned too by experience. Moreover, important to every student since it is a part of our learning process to acquire more knowledge through actual exposure to the different agencies.

Educational Tour: A Narrative.

A great way to explore and gain experience, the Junior Bankers Association had its educational tour on February 6 to 9, 2012.

Day 1: February 6, 2012
The day wherein I have to wake up early because it should be a big No for rush. Yes, we’re pretty much excited to invade Manila,
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Honestly, I didn’t enjoy th food, because it was a bit salty. Then after an hour, we departed Philippine Stock Exchange and went to our next destination, Securities and Exchange Commission.

At Securities and Exchange Commision, we used the elevator since their lecture room was at the 10th floor of their building. Some of my classmates got dizzy using the elevator. Their lecture room couldn’t accommodate us all, so they have divided us into 2 groups, the FM 3A and 3C were the first to have the lecture. The lecture room was too cold which maybe one of the reason why I couldn’t give my full attention to the first speaker. But still I have learned something, the company registration, the CA 83 which created Securities and Exchange Commission and on November 11, 1936 their operations have already started, their core functions and the law of SEC. During the discussion of Atty. Marlon Facun, the boredom have risen maybe because his voice couldn’t encourage me that much to listen. But still I have learned from him, I’ve known what are the classes of corporation, kinds of partnership, the requirements of Incorporation and of Stock Corporation and the requirements for registration of partnership.

After the discussion, they were kind enough and maybe they’ve felt we’ve got hungry after a long discussion they have made. They gave us bun and juice to eat. When we’re done eating, we went down immediately so that the next batch will already have their

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