Comparison Of Traditional And Progressive Education

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Education Today
Are Americans smarter or dumber after college? In reading “Entitlement Education” (Bruno) the author states that with the “Generation X Goes to College”(Sacks). We are just sliding by on education. That not all college student are on the same level of learning and that many slide by, while the smart ones are being held back. So what is education today, and are some Americans being cheated out of a good education? Are American waisting their time by get an education that is worth nothing after graduation. Then having to go back to school, just to keep the already low paying jobs they have now. What has happened to America, that an education is only worth something, if one can use it? The traditional concept education is being
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What are the differences of traditional and progressive education? Where traditional education one learns from text & teachers, progressive education learns from experience (Dewey). “Given the pace of technology and social change, it no longer makes sense for devote four years of higher education entirely to a specific skill (Roth). Progressive education makes students to think, reconfigure and shape ones future, and not be a victim to change. Today educations hasn’t changes much, today education needs to change, and today education needs to evolve. Traditional educations is not what is needed today. Progressive education makes the most of opportunities of present life, where traditional education prepares for a more or less remote future (Dewey). One would say that with an ever changing society that change means to progress. Just as walking man has evolved from apelike ancestors, so must education evolve to a better human in the …show more content…
Many families save up for their children to go to college. Has college changed, or has the need for traditional education changed? The various ideas and attitudes in our modern society are not undercutting traditional concept education, but telling Americans that just like everything else that traditions change. Today, what makes this country work, are the ones who take a chance and make changes. This country was built on that way of thinking, and that’s how we became a free nation. At the same time, we as Americans have forgotten what was taught by our forefathers. Times have changed, and will continue to change, but only if education changes too. Education needs to evolve, just as humans have evolved, and probably will continue to evolve. Progressive education is the future of this country’s survival, and that’s “What’s a Liberal Arts Education Good For”

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