Education Vs Education: School Vs. Education

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School vs. Education

The public schools today in America are not educating their students but schooling them. Schooling them to memorize test answers instead of understanding the moral concept of what they’re learning. “My schooling was about facts and figures, rather than understanding and moral formation”, says Darrow Miller when looking back on his reflection on his own education which supports my claim.

Passing standardized testing today has become the main goal of teachers and students. Testing has gone up taking 40-50% of the year says jasper who has blog about education, which takes up to 3-4% of class time everyday. Bringing up my point on how schooling and education are two completely different things. Completely agreeing with Tammy Drennan’s definition of what true education which is,” if your kids are using math in their daily, non-school lives, if they 're fascinated by the world around them, if they hunger for understanding, if they seek out unassigned knowledge they’re getting an education.” Education is the desire to learn.

Referring back to Darrow Miller quote, schooling is not learning but memorizing facts, formulas and numbers without ever understanding the true moral concept of the matter. Students come to school to be educated and prepared for the outside world
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School system today has kept pace with technology, but not with standard beneficial educational

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