Education, Religion And Education Essay

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As our topic of study is narrowing down and after some meetings with members of my group, one thing we decided, at least; this is to keep our study topic research of education and religion in relation to university education context. This is to say that we shall not get involved with religion and education within a 12 year educational institution context. Thus this present questionnaire content review is about the educational curriculum in counseling programs across the US. This is an effort to see how do counseling programs in different universities are influenced by the reality of religious practices across the US, but most importantly, how do survey questionnaire was applied to investigate this concern. The survey questionnaire comes from a study made by Eugene Kelly (1994) titled: “The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Counselor Education: A National Survey.” The conducted study has three main purposes or three specific research questions:
“First, to what extent are religious and spiritual issues dealt with in counselor education courses, noncourse activities, and intern supervision? Second is the presence of religious and spiritual issues in counselor education curricula related to university affiliation, that is, state, religious, or independent affiliation? Third, what are the opinions of counselor education program heads regarding the importance and impact of religion/spirituality vis-a-vis their respective counselor education programs?” Kelly (1994:228).


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