Education Problems With The College Education System Essay

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Education problems To go to college or not go to college, that is the question, at least for many people these days. This question has been harder and harder to answer because of problems with the college education system. Complications in the educational system have been around for a long time. In 1848 Horace Mann, Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education, felt that education was “the great equalizer of society.”(Mann, 114) This is significant because it means that when someone becomes educated, they develop increased intelligence and become producers of society rather than takers. Although Mann addressed many of the issues facing education during his era, today we are faced with new problems for example unrelenting tuition increase, forced adaptation to computers, and non-guarantee enrollment into community colleges.
In the 1848 article, the report to the Massachusetts Board of Education by Horace Mann, he had two main points about education. The first idea was on physical education. He believed “that in education, health and strength are important an ingredient for everyone’s prosperity” (Mann, 112) If part of the population is not prosperous then that affects society as a whole. The education system has the ability to instill healthy habits in the people it educates. The government itself can…

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