Education Is The Number One Important Impact On A Child 's Life

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Education is the number one important impact in a child’s life. Education can provide information about the past and how to overcome the struggle in life by having the best education you can get to help their family with support after finishing college. Since the 17th century, schooling changed over the century with positive and negative outcomes. Being a student, I have noticed that the educational system changed over the years. Back when I was in the elementary in the 90s, we would use our textbook and notebooks to do our assignments. The only time we used the computer was when we had to work on research paper assignment, but not until we were in the 5th or 6th grade. Today, most of the children in school have classes based on the computer, and do all their assignments on a computer program rather than on paper and pen.

17 Century American Schooling the 17th century were based on money. Students who could afford were able to attend school. Teachers were mostly women during this time. The teacher teaches their students at there home or lived at their students’ home so that they can teach them. Students were taught on basic skills and religion within the lifestyle and the type of educational schooling they are placed in. In the 1700s, American educations were reconstructed with meeting with leaders that were in charge or who made a different in the educational system. For example, Thomas Jefferson wanted to go beyond educating a small elite class. He wanted…

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