Essay about Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon

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Nelson Mandela (2003) has been famously quoted, saying “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As a teacher, the goal is to help students change the world, or at least change their world. That goal can seem overwhelming, especially considering the number of students most teachers work with throughout their career. As I start my journey to become a Special Education and English as a Second Language teacher, I am striving to discover who I am as a teacher and how I can become the best teacher possible. The question of how to become the type of teacher my students look up to is daunting, yet exhilarating. I want to be able to be a strong advocate for all of my students, especially considering their varied and unique challenges. I also want to provide them with the skills they will need going forward beyond school into their adult lives. When considering these goals, many qualities come to mind that could help make me a world-class teacher. I have identified these qualities from teachers that I had as a child, teachers I have observed during field study and volunteer opportunities, as well as from several different teaching philosophies. Without recognizing and acknowledging the importance of these characteristics, it will be impossible to become the type of teacher who can help students change the world.
Teachers need to care about and respect their students. In her famous TED talk, Every Kid Needs a Champion, Rita Pierson (2013) states…

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