Education Is The Great Equalizer And It Has Been Proven Essay

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Education is often seen as the great equalizer and it has been proven so. Research suggests disadvantaged students make similar gains over the school year with their better off peers. However, in the summertime, minority students and disadvantaged students (a classification for a high proportion of minority students) all make smaller gains in reading compared to their majority and higher socioeconomic status peers. These findings have been validated in multiple studies. Hayes and Grether in 1969, and Hayes and King in 1974 studied reading scores of students in mostly black, Puerto-Rican, and all-white schools, finding the minority student scores to be consistently lower, especially in summer. In 1975, Murnane found that white New Haven elementary school students had higher levels of achievement than black students. Through reviewing Klibanoff and Haggart’s work, Barbara Heyns found the gap in reading achievement between minority and white students increased from 22 to 26 points between spring and fall. She found that the “entire racial gap in reading achievement is due to ‘small differences’ in summer learning.” All of these findings illustrate how minority students and white students make unequal gains in reading achievement over the summer, a time when most students are not in school. These losses in achievement are also shown across economic boundaries. In 1978 Heyns found summer losses in reading achievement for both black and white children in families making under…

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