Essay about Education Is Not Simply About Making Schools

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“Education is not simply about making schools available for those who are already able to access them. It is about being proactive in identifying the barriers and obstacles learners encounter in attempting to access opportunities for quality education, as well as in removing those barriers and obstacles that lead to exclusion” (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, 2012).
The philosophy to teaching that I have formed throughout my bachelor degree has been strongly influenced by Maxine Greene, John Dewey and Nel Noddings.
It will not be my job “to impose certain ideas” (Dewey, 1929, p.20) onto my students, but to instead interpret their ideas, create education that is “rich and varied; tailored to individuals” (Noddings, N. 2003 pp.249) and provide them with the opportunity to “be free [in finding] their own voices” (Greene, 2001).
Upon reflection I can now see that my philosophy requires the addition of inclusivity. Inclusive education is creating an inclusive culture that allows all students to participate, learn and succeed. I share the same position on inclusive education as Mark Tainsh (the director of disability and inclusion at the Department of Education and Training Victoria) who said “Build once. Build properly. Build for all” (2016). As an inclusive teacher I will be ensuring that my approach to inclusivity is carefully considered and adaptable for all of my students.
The most significant inclusive education experiences that I have…

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