Education Is Not Preparation For Life Essay

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In the 21st Century, being literate is pivotal—both in one’s personal and professional life. In fact, one’s daily life revolves around reading, writing, and verbal communication. For that reason, students must encounter effective teachers throughout his or her long life academic career, especially since literacy matters. In fact, I find it important for one to realize that he or she becomes a literate person because of his or her educators. John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” To me, this is true, life is a long and stressful journey composed of unique experiences, and such experiences are life lessons that guide you, as well as allow you to expand your knowledge regarding life and its realities.
Therefore, today, I can claim that being a literate is beyond being able to read and write words; it is about reading and understanding the world we live in today. Being able to read the world enables one to make a difference in this cruel world that we live in today. For instance, Mrs. Fiona Thomas, principal at Pride Academy Charter School in East Orange, New Jersey, once said, “Educating students is about stepping and showing up.” Now, think about it: teaching students how to read and write requires educators to “step up” and “show up,” especially when they encounter students who struggle academically, as well as students who are not eager to learn.
Now, let us travel back in time, specifically to September of 2000, the year…

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