Teaching Special Education

Education is one of the key elements in our society and a great building block for expanding your wealth in the future. Without it, our society would make no forward movement and it would be stuck in an ongoing loop of ignorance. As a whole, we came together and decided it would be best to pass on information we have obtained from generation to generation. That is where the profession, teaching, has come into play. Teaching is one of the most fundamental professions in the world now and it is only becoming more important as we go along. Literacy is a very key component to teaching and it is used every single day. In this essay, I will be further reviewing the importance of literacy in the profession teaching, as well as analyzing its everyday …show more content…
Teaching special education is, in some ways, like a completely different profession. The students are not able to pick up on information at an efficient level so they have almost complete dependence on their teachers. The teacher must develop lesson plans based on each students’ learning style and literacy rate. Special education teachers must write and develop a lesson plan for students with special needs called an IEP or individualized education program. The IEP is based off a standardized test each student takes and is used throughout the course of a student’s learning career. It is the teachers’ responsibility to write the IEP based off the results of the test and read and interpret IEP’s of other students they are not completely familiar with. The teacher must also note any learning tendencies to help service the student in the future. Research is also used quite often in this profession. Teachers research certain diagnostics and characteristics to accommodate each students’ learning styles. All of this is done to reach the goal of getting the students to the same level as their peers. Some students read at a second-grade level in high school so that’s when all of those factors come into play. The interview opened my mind on the different learning styles for different

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