Education Is Not For Education Essay

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Education Today
Are Americans smarter or dumber after college? In reading “Entitlement Education” (Bruno) the author states that with the “Generation X Goes to College”(Sacks). We are just sliding by on education. That not all college student are on the same level of learning and that many slide by, while the smart ones are being held back. So what is education today, and are some Americans being cheated out of a good education? Are American waisting their time by get an education that is worth nothing after graduation. Then having to go back to school, just to keep the already low paying jobs they have now. What has happened to America, that an education is only worth something, if one can use it? The traditional concept education is being undercut by various ideas and attitudes in our modern society.
Are Americans sliding by on their education today? Many Americans are going to college, and many have graduated already. The traditional concept of education is faded away, replaced by progressive education. One could say traditional education is the past. Many students come for an education, an education that will not pay their bills after college or even to support their families. That’s the problem with traditional education, it may have worked in the 6o’s, but with the fast pace world progressive education is the future. Looking into ones future many students have to learn to keep up with the ever-changing world. Traditional education does not pay the bills in today…

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