Education Is Not A Liberal Arts Essay

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emphasis on practical or vocational education seems to involve a depreciation of the value of the liberal arts, though one of the two specific fields mentioned in the story is "gender studies", which is not a liberal art, at least by any traditional understanding Recently, the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario the program was meant “to expand, enhance and coordinate the reach and impact of educational outreach programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for children and youth in kindergarten through grade 12. Tough economic times are inevitably difficult for supporters of the liberal arts. When governments cut back, they prioritize the stem always wins without a doubt the government makes varies or cut out of a huge variety which cause certain danger and harm towards other organizations, people could rightfully disagree with how liberal art learning could be taught but the issue is how the government prioritizes it such highly personally i say that the government took the right side rightfully looking out for the future leaders of the free worlds education with of a doubt that was a right decision

must do more than simply impart knowledge. They need to offer specialized courses of study that teach students how to create knowledge, innovate, and blend multiple disciplines to forge new pathways in science and technology., and I think part of the problem is the way that we have taught them. Too many BA graduates complete their degrees…

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