Education Is A Problem Of Concern As Education Essay

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In reality, policy in education, stays a matter of concern as education, involves each aspect of social life, or in the other words, education affects social life for the entire generation now and in the future. When the outcome of policy application in education, by design or unintentionally favors only a segment of learners with the quality of education, while leaving the rest majority out of the quality education, it comes that the consequence would be outside of how it could be made-up. The end product of unfairness in education may in point of fact, lead to a divided society of the poor and the rich, hence creating a severe social inequality, which without doubt, creates a biter relation socially and economically among the super-rich and the bottommost poor. Adding further to that education, is a human right necessity and of social justice concern for each person, as it serves as a tool for uplifting people from the puddle of poverty. When often people live in poverty in fact the violation of human right and social injustice all to gather transpire to such people. Viewing education in the lenses of human right and social justice, requires that at least all children have access to school acquired the designed quality education for them Since education drives social and economic development, the growing danger may be to focus strongly on the pursuit of economic development, while leaving out the ultimate idea of human right and development. It may sound strange, but…

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