Essay on Education Is A Key Component

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In America, an education is no longer considered to be an option but in fact, a necessity. Many are raised to believe in order to ensure a successful future, education is a key component. In fact, there are others who believe that the educations systems we have in place today, actually does more bad than good. There have been many movements that had an idea to insure that students are properly educated and all receive the same form of education but, the institution of these movements may have caused more damage and simply relied on the forcing of educators to produce a group of workers who are unable to consciously think for themselves. Although there is no way of making sure that the potential of a student is fully developed, possible solutions have been made to combat the robotic like education system that churns out students today.
The average student spends about twelve years in school before they go seek higher education. During these twelve years, many go through public school systems where the styles of teaching changes and develops through generations. As many students go through this system, the stress of a less adverse teaching style is pondered. Many realize that the system that is set in stone tends to impair students rather than support and advance them. Such ideals are presented in John Taylor Gatto 's "Against School". He argues that the institution of public education hinders creativity and individual ways of thinking, but in turn, creates a more immature…

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