Education For All : The View From Tanzania And Kenya Essay

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1. Mundy, K. (2008). Education for All: The View from Tanzania and Kenya. In Comparative and international education: Issues for teachers (pp. 66-73). Toronto: Canadian Scholars ' Press.
I will be referring to Karen Mundy’s chapter on Educational for All: The View from Tanzania to Kenya to highlight the historical evolution of educational development in Tanzania. Mundy speaks to the long history of governmental efforts made in Tanzania to use education to support economic and social development. She provides an extensive historical overview of Tanzania’s educational development, starting from Nyerere’s policy of “Education for Self-Reliance” to the abolishment of user fees for primary education in 2003. This would be useful in my study as I also want to be able to historicize the evolution of educational development in Tanzania.

Mundy’s chapter is useful in identifying the economic crisis in the 1980s and how that situation led to neo-liberal economic and educational reforms. During this period, Mundy outlines how primary schooling began to deteriorate in Tanzania, which led to the government responding by introducing cost-sharing policies to their educational systems as parts of structural adjustment lending and increasing reliance on foreign aid.

Mundy’s chapter also highlights several concerns regarding the Free Primary Education program including large dependency on foreign aid and the quality of education in Tanzania. This resource is useful in my study for…

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