Essay on Education : Education And Education

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Educational Privileges Education is a privilege that is hard to come by, there are so many obstacles that stand in the way and if your living status is that of lower class then education seems like a far fetched dream. If in fact education is the key to success, why is it only made easily accessible to certain people? Education should be obtained equally regardless of your ethnic background or living situation. This privilege shouldn 't be diversified, and there are ways that can end the division. Education started in the 1700 's in the 13 colonies. Only White Americans were privileged to be able to go to schools and learn. The slaves were forbidden any form of education and if they were caught trying to gain knowledge they would be punished. Fortunately for the slaves though, schools had started to open up to them in the mid 1800’s. The education between the two ethnic group was different. The white Americans were learning how to be business men while the slaves were learning how to be housekeepers, maids, nannies and cooks (for their owners). The slaves found this form of education unfair and felt that they should have the same privilege of gaining knowledge that the white Americans had. There were even laws passed that forbid anyone to teach slaves how to read and write. Fortuitously, there were White Americans that felt this law was unjust and disregarded the consequences of teaching the slaves how to read and write. Over the years the law was lifted and…

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