Individualism In Movies

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In this generation, media is plays a big part of our life, we’re all one click away from displaying our life away to public. In Education at the Movies, we learned while examining how and what messages films from Hollywood coveys from ideology of meritocracy and expressive individualism to racism inequality and urban high school failure. More important, as students we all gained knowledge on how media can influence and reflect our culture. Therefore, we must learn and apply these methods to our education while working with different students analyzing median and inequality of education. *syllabus tbl group

In the beginning of the semester we focused on how media analysis and meritocracy. Analyzing films we examine what do movies teaches.
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We also discussed what and how does Hollywood teach about expressive individualism between different social classes while analyzing multiple films. Similar to “Why a black Annie is So Significant” films teach us more than we think without knowing. Throughout the semester I always wondering if we can actually learn different themes in the films while applying to our daily life. First, I was just watching movie for the joy, little do I know, I started watching the films in class with different mindset, every issue I applied into my life and though instantly what messages are being sent to the viewers. Education at the movies to me was a class of sociology of media view of education. In certain films, expressive individualism was highly praised while other not so. From different protagonist’s race, we analyze what messages were being sent from black and white protagonist. For example, in the article ““Why a black Annie is so significant” it didn’t matter whether people of color was well present for the viewers, because for viewers empathize with white males more easily than other races, although most films we watched I do admit I empathize with white protagonist. But the reading also states that “The urban and suburban high school films are consistently told from different points of view, have different moods, have different heroes and villains, tell different stories, and teach …show more content…
White saviorism plays a big part in society of structural racism, and inequality. But bulman states "The social problems in the inner-city cannot be solved through application of individual-level solutions” (Bulman ch.3). Which lead me to think are white saviors really saving people of color, or is Hollywood just producing to make white savior look good. Because according to the article “Oscar Loves a White Savior” white audience feel good when they are depicted as saviors. In my opinion I believe in white saviorism although Hollywood gives more credits to white saviors than what it is. From my experienced in high school in Tennesee, my coach was the white savior for me. From first day he took me under his wing and empathize with my challenges and helped me succeed. Therefore I do believe some people of color are being saved by white

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