Education And The United States Education System Essay example

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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste!” originally started as a motto for The United College Negro Fund, however to me these words contain much more value; these simple words depict that every individual’s mind is a valuable tool that can open numerous doors to the world and success in life. Education is an exceptionally major tool that is needed to succeed in the world and become better leaders of our society. Knowledge gained through education enables us to achieve new levels of success. It gives one the power and opportunity to excel in all aspects. Education has played a paramount role in helping people work better, and can create opportunities for sustainable and viable economic growth now and in the future. Considering the value and effect of education over the past years, many have started to question if the American school system is doing enough to prepare students for college and the real world. Many believe that the United States education system is flawed and is overall behind other countries. Education teaches students “how” to learn and not just accumulate knowledge. It teaches people to raise questions in their minds about certain issues, and most important of all it teaches us how to have reasoning in life. Furthermore, it gives us the tools to become smart and intelligent in life. In today’s modern world everything is a competition from getting into the best universities and then getting the best jobs. Considering the lack of progress made in education over…

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