Essay on Education And The Parent Teacher Conference

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Learning to work effectively with families has a crucial role to play in educational setting. Arthur et al. (2012) states that sociocultural theories emphasise on how children learn through interaction within their families and communities and how families influence children’s learning. Therefore, it is vital for the educator to understand each student for who they are and accept who they are and their families (Arthur et. al., 2012). Educators are not only working with the child but also working with the child’s family (DEEWR, 2015). It is important not to see family’s differences as a problem but view it positively as it will help the educators to understand their students. DEEWR (2015) states that having a respect and understanding as the foundation of the relationship is important because it will help the educators to have a successful relationship with the families. However, parents feel they are respected if they are included in children’s learning. There are many ways where families can be involved in children’s education and the parent-teacher conference is one way for the families to be involved in children’s learning.

A parent-teacher conference is a conversation between the parents and the teacher about their child’s learning and development at school (NYC Department of Education, 2009). The conference will provide thorough information about children’s learning and development. The conference takes out a good understanding of the child’s development (NYC…

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