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Role, Responsibilities, and Relationship in long life learning
Once in a work environment you are liable for your own safety and others. You need to make sure you are aware of their rules and what the policies are. As a teacher you’re responsible for your surroundings in the classroom for example the layout of the class should be suitable for all learners, wheelchair users someone with crutches, Coat’s behind chairs and bag’s under the table. There are many guidelines for you to follow such as working with vulnerable adults in order to do so you will need a criminal record bureau [CRB] this is used so your work place knows your back ground.
When you become a teacher “Assume Nothing” you have to be fair to all your learners by assessing
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When you are a teacher you will have to know the internal and external support that is given to your learners. With internal support is mostly within the college or university this could be crèche, counselling, tutoring. External support would be more professional as in the help lines for learner with problems with friends or family; these could be drugs line, Samaritans, victim support.
It is very important that you keep records, Keeping records is useful for you to keep track of your learners progress. A record of the learners work allows you to assess work that has been covered and up to date, registers, learning lessons plans are useful for you to promote effective learning. As a teacher you keep records and reports for your line managers, internal and external assessors also for your own feedback.
As part of the ground rules the Health and Safety Act [1974] is implemented to the learners for all our safety within the building and classrooms. That includes table and seating arrangements, fire exits, meeting points and keeping the building and classrooms tidy.
As a teacher you are not here to make friend’s however respecting your learners is very important. You will come across different backgrounds and religion; learners with disabilities, different ages or sexuality. You should never show favouritism and your learners should respect you and the other learners.

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