Education And Education : An Introduction Of The Topic Essay example

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Character Education in Schools’
An Introduction of the Topic
Schools around the world are often noticed for providing students with an education centered on academia. However, a teacher’s job usually goes above and beyond teaching basic course work. From the young age of five to eighteen the majority of a child’s time is spent at school. While there are many students who have parents who consistently set an example of good behavior and morals, some are not as fortunate and are only lead by good example within a classroom. Teachers are left to make sure their students are learning proper behaviors, morals and ethical values. This type of teaching is often referred to as character education, categories such as, caring, civic virtue and citizenship, justice and fairness, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and giving are implemented into the everyday curriculum. By instilling these morals it is believed it can help to reduce crime rates, promote better health choices, build a bridge between different social classes, and help to create a better community. According to Thomas (1991), character deals with the concept of moral (moral knowing), moral attitudes (moral feeling), and moral behavior (moral behavior). Based on these three components, it can be stated that good characters are well supported by the knowledge of the good, the desire to do good, and do deeds of kindness. Character education is a factor that is debated across the nation; these values will essentially…

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