Character Building Is Imperative For Students

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I believe that character building is imperative for students. Teaching students about positive traits and productive ways to deal with their problems promotes a safe, encouraging, constructive classroom, self-esteem, and better grades. I plan to teach Language Arts to middle-school aged students; anywhere from 6th to 9th grade. The middle-school years are an optimal time to urge good character as it is when kids are defining themselves. For the purpose of this paper, I will write as though I were teaching the 8th grade. In English, particularly, there are many ways to teach character that enhance normal lessons rather than distracting from them. Incorporating character driven questions into bell-work and papers, as well as analyzing the literature …show more content…
Middle school often focuses on the type of paper that is being written, such as research, persuasive, letter, or a narrative. Because of this, encompassing character into these papers would be simple. For instance, I could offer extra credit to students who do volunteer work and write a small paper about their experience. This would promote citizenship and advance their writing ability. There are many other ways that writing can go hand in hand with character building.
One example of a paper that promotes character is to have students write a letter to the author of their favorite book. This activity is beneficial in numerous ways. To begin with, it would cover the letter-writing portion of a normal curriculum in a content-related manner. Second, it would help them choose a positive figure to admire. In addition, writing a letter to the author advocates
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The main characters in this book are of a low class and are always at odds with kids of a higher class. This tension leads to the major conflict of the story. The book comes to the conclusion that both classes have their own problems and are both comprised of people who can be looked at with sympathy. There are many examples of bad and good character traits in these characters; protagonists and antagonists alike. Having positive traits doesn’t necessarily save the characters from a poor ending, and having negative traits doesn’t mean things can’t work out well. However, the characters that are ‘good’ have pride, dignity, and character enough to remain good. In many ways, the concept of remaining good is the ultimate takeaway from the book. In terms of character, this is complicated but compelling. It is a text often easy for kids to relate to and the ideas it contains are

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