Essay on Educating Students With Special Needs

1216 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
In a world in where unstable economy and indecisive times are adults’ main concern, issues as providing special education children with a proper education does not seem as crucial to most. However, as a special educator it is my duty to voice concerns about the major issues that special education is facing at this time. Our schools at any level from the classroom setting to school’s districts face many crucial concerns such as lack of parental and public support, amount of paperwork, scheduling issues, training and supervising paraprofessionals, scheduling and making time to collaborate with regular education teachers. However, being a special education teacher my main concern is the misunderstanding about mainstreaming/inclusion within the general education classrooms. I am an avid advocate of this practice since I have seen the value and positive effect of appropriate mainstreaming in order to benefit of my students. In order to discuss this issue it is important that we speak the same language for that reason there is a need to explain what mainstreaming is. Mainstreaming is an inclusive practice of educating students with special needs in regular classes during specific time periods based on their skills. This means regular education classes are combined with special education classes. Taking this into consideration, it is important to mention as well that not all special needs students can and should be mainstreamed in core curriculum classes. Special…

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