Educating Students With Special Needs Essay examples

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I think that all of the children did well in their respective classrooms. In the inclusion classroom the students were listening to the teacher respectfully and didn 't seem to mind the children with special needs in their class. The children in the regular education classroom were very tolerant of the students with special needs in the classroom. Whenever they were acting out, the children were able to ignore their behaviors and continue on with their work. The teacher had mentioned, that she didn 't have to do much extra work for the child with special needs (Salazar, Personal Communication, November 4, 2016). I believe that when the child was in the inclusion classroom he felt like he wanted to be like everyone else. So, when he was not wanting to do his work, he would tend to look around and see the other children doing their work and start doing his own. The other children in the classroom seem to be a huge influence on him. It really seems like he wanted to act and be treated like everyone else in the classroom regardless of his disability. I think that the inclusion classroom was the best place for him to be.

In the self contained classroom the children that I observed were very low functioning. In that room they were learning simple things like beginning sight words and how to write. I believe that for them, the self contained classroom is the best option because, they would be so far behind in any general education classroom for third grade. The children in…

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