Educating Everyone 's Children Is A Great Resource For Educators

780 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Summary: Chapter two of the book Educating Everybody’s Children is a great resource for educators. Throughout the reading, the author presents instructional strategies that have relevance for educators of diverse students. To begin, the author addresses the issue of gap closing and explains its importance. Through comparisons between urban and suburban districts, the author expands upon the topic of “facing the achievement gap.” After laying out the facts of the achievement gap, the author proposes a few strategies that school districts and communities could use to close this gap. Ultimately, the author feels, diversity must be embraced, for “the implementation of sound, research-based strategies that recognize the benefits of diversity can build a better future for [everyone].” The author uses this concept of embracing diversity and incorporates it into educational strategies. “Strategies for Culturally and Ethnically Diverse Students” and “Strategies for Linguistically Diverse Students” are the two sections that the strategies presented in this reading are categorized into. Each section contains a plethora of strategies, which are each preceded by a discussion and classroom examples. For instance, Strategy 2.8 is titled “Create culturally compatible learning environments,” and explains that “students learn more when their classrooms are compatible with their own cultural and linguistic experience. The classroom example presents a situation where an ELS is struggling to…

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