Essay about Educating Children With Special Needs

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Integrating children with special needs into regular classrooms (also known as mainstreaming) has been a huge issue in the education systems recently. The goal of mainstreaming is providing the most appropriate and beneficial education to a child in the least restrictive setting. The question of where the children with special needs benefit the most is the hardest to answer. In past years there was no question. Not many individuals even thought about taking a child with special needs out of special education room and placing them within a regular classroom. But now, partly because of parent 's requests, select school districts are mainstreaming. The debate over mainstreaming being good or bad can be easily taken from either side. The severity of the special needs and how great the need is for extra help play an important part in determining if placing a child with special needs into a regular classroom would benefit the child. But in a case of special needs such as Down Syndrome, a regular classroom setting is not the best possible place for that child. Mainstreaming of special needs children will help develop meaningful social interactions, may encourage them to participate in extra activities, and may build self esteem.

Meaningful Social interactions are important because everyone needs someone to talk to when they need it most. Special Needs children need meaningful social interactions because when they talk to their peers they develop a “self”’ and learn to…

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