Educating Children Are Vulnerable, Naive, And Unaware Of The Future

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We as adults do our best to protect children. Whether it be our own children or child that we may not even know. It is in my belief that we do this for two reasons. The first of which is that our western culture put’s such an importance and emphasis on the future. For the most part we are constantly working towards something that lies ahead of us. We believe in working and investing for the future. This is why many of us aspire for a higher education. We do this so that one day we will work in a career that is enjoyable and eventually be able to retire. The vast majority will work tirelessly to provide a better opportunity for their own children. They do this in hope that their children will have greater opportunities then they themselves had. The second reason we do our best to protect our children is that children are vulnerable, naive, and unaware of the dangers or the world. Across almost any species it’s engrained in mothers and fathers to protect their young. It is imperative to the survival of all youth that they are taken care of. Simply put children need guidance in order to survive. From the time my daughter was able to crawl I began to teach her about the dangers of the world. At an early age simple words like owie, hot, and sharp were used to keep her safe. As she has grown older simple words have progressed into higher levels of thinking. Now at the age of six, I expect her to be able to recognize certain dangers on her own. With that being said I still have…

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