Educating Americ Synthesis Essay

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Educating America: Synthesis Essay There is much debate in our country regarding the education system and its effectiveness. John Dewey wrote in a 1916 piece entitled Democracy and Education that in a democratic society, such as our own, success is dependant upon proper education. However, a proper education is not necessarily the in depth study of reading, writing, and arithmetic. A proper education is one that prepares the student to be a functioning part of society, giving them not only knowledge but also important social skills. In today’s school system, the education is not meeting this requirement of preparing the students for life, classes are more focused on preparing students for the next class. Having any type of education is important for the success of a democratic society, however, the education system needs revision and refocus in order to achieve Dewey’s vision. In most high schools, the goal is to get the students across the stage at graduation, for them to move on to a higher form of education. This form of education will give the students knowledge that is necessary for their next steps in life, but does not teach them the social skills and everyday knowledge necessary to become contributing parts of society. Throughout a student’s journey from kindergarten to his high school graduation, he will hear things such as, “You need to learn to color inside the lines, you will need it for next year,” or, “Start memorizing the states so you can use it next year…

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