Edu Corp : A Company Of Integrity, Efficiency, And Diligence Essay

1976 Words Nov 6th, 2016 8 Pages
1. Overview
Edu Corp operates a company of integrity, efficiency, and diligence. With the ongoing concerns of privacy and data security, Edu Corp has created a structured, detailed policy in order to protect our digital assets, but most importantly, our employees and customers. In 2015, businesses in the United States experienced a substantive number of data breaches, threatening the security and privacy of customers, employees, and digital property of such businesses (“Identity Theft Resource Center,” 2016). In order to provide the highest possible levels of security and privacy to our employees and customers, Edu Corp outlines a clear plan for data handling—including what kind of data the company stores, where it is stored, and who can access it—keeps detailed records and locations of company data, enforces a comprehensive privacy policy, monitors and creates layers of security for data, and continually develops and updates a clear, detailed plan for data loss and/or theft.
While Edu Corp’s data is secured, monitored, and protected, our customers and employees rely on our Privacy and Data Security Policy for the security and protection of their personal details and information. In recent years, the costs associated with identity theft and fraud have totaled billions of dollars (“Identity Theft and Cybercrime,” 2016). As a result, Edu Corp constantly analyzes and deploys appropriate solutions to secure all company data. By adhering to Edu Corp’s strict Privacy and…

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