Edison 's Invention Of Motion Picture Essays

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There is one man that influenced some of the most significant inventions that we use everyday of our lives. Edison modified and created many things all throughout his life this led to him having many patents Edison had 1,093 total patents. One of the most well known invention that Edison modified and left in his legacy was the light bulb that can last for long periods of time. Another creation was the Phonograph and the cylinders made out of wax so people could record audio and play it after. The cylinders could have different messages or songs. Edison is sometimes referred to as the Father of Motion Picture, Mr. Edison was a major influence in the development of motion picture and films. With all the inventions Edison created companies to support the product and start to produce it massively so that the company could sell it and make money for Edison.Thomas Edison is known all around the world for his knowledge, but his education was scarce, Edison painted the picture for today’s radio and films,Edison lit the world with light bulbs and ideas that he worked all throughout his life. Thomas Edison had a rough beginning of life but he made the most out of it with what he could do to learn. Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11th, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. Although Edison was born in Milan he spent most of his childhood in Port Huron, Michigan. Thomas was the youngest child out of seven children. Thomas’ parents Samuel and Nancy Edison had a huge influence on him especially…

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