Essay about Edgar Allan Poe 's Life

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Some people may think that authors don’t have a reason to write, but the truth is most authors have a back story. For example, Edgar Allan Poe’s life was one like no other. His works were reflected in his life by his alcoholism, the death of his loved ones, and relationship of Poe with the rich. Many would say alcoholism played a key role in Poe’s writing. Once Poe got into college, alcohol became a problem causing him to go into debt. Poe quit school less than a year later. A couple years after that, to quit drinking, Poe joined “Sons of Temperance” in effect to stop drinking, but didn’t succeed. In Poe’s words, it was “perversion”, meaning “the act of doing something even though you know you should not do it.” (“Edgar A. Poe’s Life”) Poe was allergic to alcohol, and knew that if he was to ever drink alcohol he would become very ill, and to the point where he could be put in a coma state. By being in that state, it gave Poe a fear of being buried alive. This is the meaning behind “Premature Burial”, one of Poe’s works. He wrote this work to express his fear of being buried alive, because of drinking alcohol, but he still continued to drink. Many of Poe’s friends told Poe to drink so he can “cope with his problems”. In modern day times, people “drink away their problems”, which could be the worst choices one could ever make. Alcoholism plays a key role in many stories written by Poe. In “The Black Cat”, another story written by Poe, he expresses himself through a character…

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