Edgar Allan Poe 's Impact On American Society : The Tomahawk Man

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Edgar Allan Poe’s impact on American Society: the Tomahawk Man The world renowned Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19th, 1809 in Boston. Edgar Allan Poe captures his imagination and interests of the readers through his short stories and poems. Edgar Allan Poe became a literary sensation in 1845 with the publication of his poem The Raven. (Poe, 1845). The Raven is considered a great American literary work and one of the best pieces of Poe’s career. His creative focus to detail and his wide variety of aptitudes led to the beginning of different literacy genres, gaining him the title of father of the detective story among several other distinctions. When Poe was twenty six, he married his thirteen year old cousin, Virginia Clemm. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis, when Poe found out that the love of his life was sick this event halted Poe’s drinking, she later died in 1847. Her death was a very big pill for Poe to swallow and it took him a very long time to get himself back together again. Edgar Allan Poe is an influential poet and short story writer who set up the playing field for every author who came after him, leading authors to use his sense of creativity and danger as a basis for works of their own.
Edgar Allan Poe’s mother and father were professional actors who traveled all the time. Poe’s parents were part of a repertory company; a theatrical company that performs well known works for regular, short periods of times, moving on from one piece of work to…

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