Essay about Edgar Allan Poe : A Tragedy

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Edgar Allan Poe: A tragedy
Edgar Allan Poe, the poet that brought us gruesome tales, has a traumatic history that found its way into his writing. Although his poems and short stories are well known in the literary world, Poe himself remains much a mystery. His dark past and never ending struggles are the bases of his writing.
Poe’s childhood, like the rest of his life, was not the picture of perfection. “Edgar was the second of three children born to traveling actors”(poemuseum). “His father left the family early on, and his mother passed away of tuberculosis when he was only three years old” ( From very early on Edgar Allan Poe experienced death and loss of a loved one, one of many to come, that in his writing is clearly shown.
Without parents the Poe children had to be separated from each other to live elsewhere. “Poe was taken in by the wealthy tobacco merchant, John Allan and his wife Frances Valentine Allan, in Richmond, Virginia” (poemuseum). It must have been tough for Edgar to be separated from his brother and sister, the only immediate family he had left.
Edgar, from a young age, began showing signs of great writing skills; he wanted to be like “his childhood hero British poet Lord Byron. By the age of thirteen, Poe had compiled enough poems to publish a book, but his headmaster advised Allen from allowing this”(poemuseum). It seems that as a child Poe had to grow up suppressing his natural ability to write and live how he was expected to. In his poem…

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